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Tattoo Service

Our Tattoo Shop“A cheap tattoo isn’t good. A good tattoo isn’t cheap”

Here at Celtic art Tattoo Chesterfield we are proud to produce amazing quality tattoo’s day in day out. All our staff are highly trained to help you with your tattoo needs from the moment you walk in.
We employ 5 Tattoo artists and both male and female body piercers

We were established in 1984 and now employ 5 artists, 2 female body piercers and 2 receptionists.

Our tattoo studio is open from 10 until 8 Monday to Friday & 10 till 6 on Saturdays.

You can see from our tattoo artists portfolio’s  the designs & quality of work they produce. The designs are amazing and you will love your new tattoo.

All of our equipment is 100% hygienically clean & sterile. We offer brilliant aftercare advice and all of our tattoo artists are registered with the local health authority. Get in touch with us or call into the studio for a chat with us about your tattoo needs.