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Celtic Art was founded in 1984 by John Sargerson. He opened the studio in Chesterfield after an absence of a Tattoo studio in the area for some years.  


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The studio was 8 years in the making but in 1984 it became a reality. John worked alone in the studio for around 5 years but also travelled around the country gaining information and knowledge from other artists especially Micky Shaprz. Micky also tattooed John's arms and during this process gave John invaluable inside knowledge concerning the technical aspects of tattooing.


In 1990 John extended the Tattoo studio to twice its size due to popular demand and because of the increase in custom. He also invited two more artists to join him at Celtic Art. He also incorporated a purpose built Piercing studio to accommodate the increasing demand for Piercing in the area; John has been piercing since the late 80's Over the next 10 years John and the other artists travelled around the world working in studios as International Guest Artists.

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